Astrological Readings

by Pati Carlson

Zodiacal, systemic and planetary energies have a definite effect upon all lives, in all kingdoms of nature. Nothing can escape these influences. The goal is to become consciously aware of their nature, to know them and to use them. 

— Alice A. Bailey

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Astrological Perspective

Astrology provides a perspective that can help you better understand yourself, give context to circumstance, and provide timing for events. When used wisely, astrology can be a very effective tool for navigating life. I believe everyone can benefit from having their chart(s) read.


Astrology is the study of the cyclic movement of the planets within our solar system, viewed against the backdrop of 12 constellations collectively called The Zodiac, and the subtle effect that their emanations have on us. An astrological chart is a symbolic picture of those planets’ positions at a specific date and time, as viewed from a specific location on earth.

The Astrologer

The astrologer is there to translate the chart’s symbols into something meaningful for you. Be aware though, no two astrologers will read your chart in the same way. Chart interpretation is a product of the astrologer’s depth of experience, technical mastery, and philosophical approach to life. For an insightful reading, consult with an astrologer whose outlook you share or respect.

What I Believe

  1. The essence of everything is energy
  2. Nothing exists in isolation – everything interacts
  3. To understand anything, look to its informing energy
  4. Everything is evolving in complexity or completeness
  5. People are evolving, energetic “souls”, and this life represents only a part of the total journey

What to Expect from my Reading

No predictions

Astrology is not fortune telling, and I am not clairvoyant. A reading will acquaint you with the lines of energy you are working with now, and which substand the events and circumstances of your life.

No absolutes

A chart shows where your greatest potential, possibility and predilections lie. An astrological reading will show the most productive path for you, at any given time.

No judgements

The energetic potential of a chart is neutral until actualized, therefore there is no such thing as a good or bad chart.


A reading is an exploration of your life. It’s ultimate goal is to give you a sense of where you’re going and why, and what you are using to get there.


My purpose with a reading is to help you to understand who you are energetically. Self-understanding is the first step towards self-mastery.


Astrology doesn’t compel but it is an ever-present motivating force, and understanding its influences will allow for more intelligent choice. This is the great gift of astrology.

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